Key people

Martine Maron: portrait-mm3reverseI am Associate Professor of Environmental Management and an ARC Future Fellow at The University of Queensland, as well as Deputy Director of the Threatened Species Recovery Hub. My fellowship research focusses on biodiversity offsets, exploring the long-term biodiversity consequences (both intended and unintended) of current offset approaches in order to test how they influence the long-term persistence of biodiversity, as well as examining the risks and consequences of the introduction of offsetting into the conservation policy mix at national and international levels.

Nicole Shumway (PhD candidate):  Biodiversity offsets are increasingly beingNicki used as a mechanism to mitigate impacts from economic expansion and development on species and ecosystems. Marine offset development has lagged behind terrestrial offsets, despite a global increase in marine development and exploitation. The aim of my thesis is to advance both the theoretical and practical basis for marine biodiversity offsets, and to investigate how offsets can be used to minimize impacts on the marine environment and more effectively achieve no net loss of biodiversity.

Key collaborators (click on name to link to website)

Dr Laura Sonter, Dr Joe Bull, Dr Ascelin Gordon, A/P James Watson, Prof Hugh Possingham, Prof JP Metzger, Divya Narain, Amrei von Hase, Megan Evans, Brad Dreis, Fleur Maseyk